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We are the Nepal Microbiology Discussion Forum

Our plans

Dear readers,

Regarding our future plans, we will fill this page later.

But be sure, we are coming with a big surprise for you very soon if everything goes fine

Gaffer, TUMDF



4 Responses to “Our plans”

  1. Dedicated person for CDM said

    Hello Friends,
    What do you need to fill this page ? If you need scientific paper, please anounce, we have real scientific publication. You people have to discourage to such publication which are just imitation, published by teachers on student thesis for their promotion, etc etc

  2. NMDF said

    Dear dedicated person,
    thanks for your interest.

    you are welcome for your contribution.

    let’s keep in touch

    you can write us at

    thank you

  3. uday.. said

    hi, namaste this is lochan
    i am thinking of pursuing my higher education in trichandra campus with microbiology stream.. but now n then i have come to hear that we have no scope of micro biology here in nepal so, i would be obliged if u the seniors, would guide me to make a good decision.. regarding ur site wonderfukll but still a lot more to do

  4. Sanjaya kumar pant said

    Little steps put forward by you people have encourged me in shaping carrer in true sense.I am curious to see your future plan and purpose.
    Thanking you.

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