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We are the Nepal Microbiology Discussion Forum

TU Microbiology Discussion Forum

TU Microbiology Discussion Forum (TUMDF) is a newly formed platform for the TU Microbiologists – all teachers, graduates, and students for discussing anything about and of the Central Department of Microbiology, TU, affiliated colleges and, naturally, Microbiology.

We are a surreptitious, non-profit motive group found by some Microbiology enthusiasts –all TU products– living both abroad and in Nepal. However, we need your help.

And, is our official website –actually a growing blogsite– through which we aim to discuss whatever TU Microbiology- related issues you like with you.

This all for promoting you Microbiology buffs!

Hence, TU Microbiology graduates, students, teachers and anyone interested in or related to the CDM as well as other private colleges may join the club.


38 Responses to “TU Microbiology Discussion Forum”

  1. rama said

    i need the course of study of
    Bachelor in microbiology.
    So please help me out.

  2. YCL said

    Open Forum like (TUMDF) and do politics.
    good luck

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  5. MoreNarodyNaSait said

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  6. Spooppy said

    Excellent forum, added to favorites!
    I just wanted to pass on a note to let you know what a great job you have done with this forum.Thanks!

  7. Spooppy said

    I is pleasantly amazed! Thank!!!
    Good luck!

  8. i need a topic study -microbial world the extra terrestrial life
    please provide me
    thank you

  9. Saten said

    What a pity! Our honorable professors just manage to publish the coliform contamination in municipal drinking water in Kathmandu valley. They can do more “GOOD Jobs”.

  10. vivek said

    can u please give me a link to download course of study for microbiology BSc 1st year? i would be tahnkful to u !!

  11. Reeya said

    good job.

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  14. xtreme said

    hey people, what’s the use of studying the subject especially microbiology which doesn’t have least bit of job opportunity in the country. if it is just to obtain the certificate of degree, then its all right. by the way, is this certificate of degree going to feed you? no way man. all your devotion, dedication, sincerity and effort go in vain by studying microbiology cause you have to remain jobless. the course is solely theoritical.
    one of the victims of this microbiology. at present i regret of studying this subject.
    anyhow, are u still stubborn to study microbiology? think your future before enrolling

    • future said

      i hav jus started my bachelors……whoever u r bt i regard u as a guide
      r u still jobless
      hav u done masters or phd in microbiology?
      are all ur frens jobless?
      where did u studied ur bachelors?

    • sabin said

      aspiring micro biologists needed to help me research for mushroom cultivation in nepal job offered as full assistance without any investment. Need to submit full research on composting for mushrooms ideas on pasteurizing compost using available tools. if any one interested send me an email at

  15. Hi, Do something for help the hungry people from Africa and India,
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  16. xtreme said

    i wonder whether this site is still alive or dead. no updates for long time like the course of TU. no pratical value all in vain .

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  22. richie said

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  24. RITA said

    i need the course of study of
    Bachelor in microbiology.
    So please help me out.

    • Ashish said

      hello, I just wanted to tell u that the soft copy of course of study of microbiology is not available. However, u can buy hard copy ether at stationery shops or at curriculum development center at TU, Kirtipur.

  25. jeffery said

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  27. shree prasad pandey said

    hi…myself shree…,thanks for creating this site.Recently i have completed my master degree in microbiology from bangalore university..while browsing i came across this site… can anyone suggest me where to start for subject related work…. i am confused about beginning my career here in nepal.luv 2 hear as much as many suggestion.

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  29. Kara said

    Need to find a microbiology site with micro in the URL. We cannot use or The American Society for Microbiology. Can you help?

  30. Anton said

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  31. hnsharmaraju said

    it is good for us…

  32. Fatema said

    I am microbiologist. I worked for three years in industry. Now I am a house wife.Can anyone suggest me some online MICROBIOLOGY work.

  33. rabina thapa said

    I am student of microbiology….our 3rd year exam was held on 2071 jestha 21…..its been one year gap and still our forms for masters degree is not opened…..I’m afraid that we will have to wait too long…..please do something…..our future is being messed up…..

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