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Flaws in the new Microbiology Syllabus

Posted by tumicrobiology on August 27, 2006

By a retired TU Professor 

In the newly prepared Proposed Syllabus for M.Sc.II Year, Environment and Public Health Microbiology, Central Department of Microbiology,

University, one of the reference books of a 100-marks-paper is not published yet. What an irony?

This is the greatest example of the incompetence of the subject committee that approved the draft of the syllabus of the Public Health Microbiology (Title No.:MB613, Nature of the course: Theory, Full Marks: 100) that has included in its References “A Text Book of Microbiology, Vidhyarthi Pustak Bhandar Publication,
Kathmandu” (2006) by Ghimire P and Parajuli K.

This very book that has not born yet got a great opportunity for being taken as a reference. How could it be possible?  

Well, to design syllabus of any subject at any university is not a joke. Experts are called for that job. It is expected that they with their scholastic as well as pragmatic experiences propose fine contents in the dossier, which is finalized by some body called subject committee where other experts discuss on the content. Whoever they are, the “experts” are given the job because they are believed by the university.  

However, with the example above, inevitably raises a question: Were the experts honest towards the University? Were they responsible towards the duty they were asked to bear?Isn’t to include a book that has even not gone to the print in the syllabus of such an elite university like TU dishonesty? 

The scholars have done infra dig job this time. Shame on you all! 

By the way, who is accountable to this devil-may-care job? The Dean of the

Institute of
Science and Technology (IoST)? The Head of Department of the Central Department of Microbiology (CDM) who is the chairman of the Subject Committee ex-officio? The scholars and experts who never preferred taking a glance at the proposed “reference book(s)” on the basis of which the dossier they approved was made and the student would study and faculties would teach at the Masters level in the University? The individuals—the ones who are the faculties too— who apparently were among other experts that worked on making the syllabus, and found a good opportunity to present themselves as significant writers of an unwritten book that would be taught to the Master level students?

This case is the utmost degree of dishonesty, irresponsibility and failure of the whole system of the

University. Meanwhile, the Central Department of Microbiology has to answer how and why this happened.

(The professor, who taught in one of the departments that deals with Biology in TU for 27 years, doesn’t want to be named. He has written this exclusively for the TU Microbiology Discussion Forum.)


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