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Biomineralization of Gold: Biofilms on Bacterioform Gold

Posted by tumicrobiology on July 16, 2006

Frank Reith,1,2* Stephen L. Rogers,1,4 D. C. McPhail,1,2 Daryl Webb3

Bacterial biofilms are associated with secondary gold grains from two sites in Australia. 16S ribosomal DNA clones of the genus Ralstonia that bear 99% similarity to the bacterium Ralstonia metallidurans—shown to precipitate gold from aqueous gold(III) tetrachloride—were present on all DNA-positive gold grains but were not detected in the surrounding soils. These results provide evidence for the bacterial contribution to the authigenic formation of secondary bacterioform gold grains and nuggets.

Source: Science 14 July 2006:
Vol. 313. no. 5784, pp. 233 – 236
DOI: 10.1126/science.1125878

2 Responses to “Biomineralization of Gold: Biofilms on Bacterioform Gold”

  1. Charles Little said

    Can anyone here tell me how to obtain some of the Ralstonia Metallidurans bacteria? Are there places that sell it? It is for a metal precipitation experiment my son is doing at school. Thanks in advance.

  2. shiva said

    i am final year biotech student.i am very much intrested in knowing about bacteria involved in the gold making process. thank u

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