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MICROCOSM published

Posted by tumicrobiology on February 19, 2006

Dear Friends,
After an age the first volume of the MICROCOSM was published, the 13th Batch of students of the Central Department of Microbiology has recently published the second volume of it.  

God know why the delay! But it is welcome that the students have come forward with the newest issue.

Congratulating them for their successful endeavour, the TUMDF hopes that the upcoming batches would give continuity to it.

Moreover, what we have noticed in this “Microbiology magazine” is
rampant plagiarism. There are some articles that do not mention references; and the mere compilers have posed themselves as original researchers and writers.

It is really pathetic to see students of Masters degree– that too of Science– infected by the “cut and paste” virus.
Had the editorial team been careful, this sort of syndrome could be eschewed.

Apropos, can the editorial team explain why articles (for example, that on page no.74 and 92-93) disparate to Microbiology by any means have been included?

A few suggestions for you:

1.      Focus on Microbiology and directly related disciplines of it only.  You need not cover the Human Anatomy, Physiology, and…
2.      Do not include infra dig and plagiarised articles.
3.      Do EDIT. Avoid silly grammatical mistakes.
4.      Why not to take account of the all-the-year activities of the CDM and MISAN and publish those in the magazine?


Carry on guys, come up with the next issue soon!



The TUMDF requests the editorial board to send us some selected articles to be posted in this site such that TU Microbiologists living abroad can be benefited.

Individual writers also may send their articles.

However, we are not obliged to publish all of them.

We mean, we will decide whether or not to publish them.


5 Responses to “MICROCOSM published”

  1. Keshav said

    Dear Gaffer,
    May I send the interview of Prof. Ronald H Bauerle?

  2. Yadav said


  3. puspa raj pandey said

    congrats!!!me n all the microbes r with u,,,best of luck.

  4. Pankaj Baral said

    Congrats !!! to all those guys/gals who are involving to innovate such a cool microbs forum ! This is really good job indeed !

    Let’s create an official CDM site !

  5. Darshan said

    i appreciate TUMDF’s venture.

    it sucks that there are only a few comments. Dont the site-visitors feel that they should leave any comments on whatever blog they like or dislike?

    c’mmon guys learn to make max use of the forum!


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