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MISAN blues

Posted by tumicrobiology on February 18, 2006

Keshav P Koirala 

I have no personal bias for or against any member of MISAN and the association. Nevertheless, I suspect that MISAN has been a dog’s breakfast at present. I am afraid, the guys who have taken over the body do not have any idea regarding maneuvering it.

Despite my request, the questions of the mockup exams were not distributed to the TU student on time. But some of the members involved in the conduction of the exams felt honoured to gift the same to private colleges.

Personally speaking, I can never forget the riposte I got when I asked for the question papers, and the hard-hitting double standard during leaking it to other institutions..

What is more, doesn’t a student body need to be financially transparent? Some of the MISAN office-bearers told me that there is no financial record of it since it was found. Good God! These guys are going to be future leaders!

I just wonder why the office-bearers think that they can do whatever they feel good. Instead of wasting money for typing the abstract stuff, had they sought out their classmates’ help, everybody would appreciate that.

Only performing the routine rituals does not count. But, be it the case of late apportioning of the question papers aforementioned, or the inexpedient expending on the abstract publication late of, the guys have failed to show their competency. 

Guys you need to be creative and up-and-coming. And, an association can excel only if you have vision and you are honest.

I suggest you all to learn how to pool resources, and regard your fellow-students as supporters. You simply cannot ignore them.

Otherwise, only hogging the post is good-for-naught.

(Published on special request of Keshav)


One Response to “MISAN blues”

  1. shishir said

    Well done keshav. It’s really important that a system be in place for smooth running of an organization. Every responsible member has to be fully accountable for his act. As the bacteria do, we have to constantly adjust to time and place to keep up with the pace of the rest.

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