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Archive for February 13th, 2006

Good news for you all TU Microbiologists!

Posted by tumicrobiology on February 13, 2006

This is the Platform for the TU Microbiologists — all teachers, graduates, and students for discussing anything about and of the Central Department of Microbiolgy, TU, and, naturally, Microbiology.

Of course, other private college students, and anyone interested in or related to the CDM may join the club.

If you are student, do not hesitate to write about what you feel about your teachers, your department, the academic environment over there and, your problems.

If you are teacher, feel free to discuss issues with your students; write what sort of problems you do have while dealing with the student….

For that, you may hide your identity–if you want. However, it would be appreciated if you venture to be “yourself.”

If you have any article related to Microbiology and the related fields, send it to us.

Besides the factual writings,  commentaries also are welcome.

Provided the language is decent and diplomatic, any sort of article can be published.

Moreover, you may give messages to your colleagues. And wherever you are, you may be in touch with them.

If the CDM wants, it may give notices to the student and others via this site.

The teachers too may make maximum use of this by posting “lecture notes”. What is more, it is suggested that they read and mull over the comments their students make over them. 

Hope all of you will exploit this platform.




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